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Welcome to LiverWiki,

LiverWiki is a comprehensive wiki-based database to integrate liver-related genes, gene expressions, proteins, their interactions, post-translational
modifications, associated pathways, diseases, and literatures into an easily accessible and searchable resource for community-driven sharing. It supports
community searching, browsing, reviewing, refining, or creating any biological knowledge of liver to make newly produced data rapidly integrated with
existing knowledge by community curation.

LiverWiki was designed to not only provide the research communities with comprehensive liver-related information, but also to allow community contribute
content at any time to support liver research. This effort to develop LiverWiki is tightly coordinated with Human Liver Proteome Project (HLPP). It is useful for
biologist working with liver to fully elucidate its functions.

For compatibility purpose, please use FireFox or Internet explorer to use our LiverWiki. We are trying to solve the compatibility of LiverWiki and Chrome.

Please refer to Help for details on how to use the sytem, which is also available in the left sidebar from all pages.

Examples to search or browse the system

You can search LiverWiki content using any keywords in any order by the Search box to the left sidebar. Just enter your favourite genes, proteins, diseases, pathways, gene expressions or relations between disease and its related molecules. Category pages can be found by advanced search. You can also browse our categories if you want to see what's here. Tree view is applied for liver diseases to show the relations between diseases.

Some examples for searching and browsing are listed below. Please see help about searching and browsing for details.



Contact us at if you have more questions!


LiverWiki is open to everyone. There are lots of ways you can contributie to help us make LiverWiki better:

Main page type Number of pages
Gene 19787
Homolog gene 17077
Protein 50251
Disease 227
Disease-Related molecule 16366
Gene expression 36122
Metabolite 2067
The number of total pages in the system >141897

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